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I born and brought up in middle class, educated, and business family. My father always encourage us to acquire highest possible education and ready to help in any way that he can. I still remember the day when my father brought a computer at home to keep books of his company. During that time in 1990, having a computer was facinating and create curiousity. I started learning from Books and convience myself that i want to choose my career in a computer field.


It says "A will will find a way". After learning some basic from Books, i got associated degree in Computer Engineering. Then, i decided to travel abroad for further education. I choose Computer Engineering which gave me very indepth knowledge of computer hardware and software. I have also minor in Mathematics and Computer Science to enhance my knowledge.


I would like to get a future position where I can utilize my technical, management, and communication skills along with my strong educational background and relevant work experience. Also from very begining my desire was to serve my knowledge for well being of society and get future job in such an industry.