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Maintaining MP3 collection in my way...

Recently i bought new Toyota RAV4 and it has USB port so i can connect my flash drive to listen my collection. When i copy my collection to play in car, i always want it to be in my way because of following reasons:

1) All my MP3 files i want in highest quality. So, i choose 320 kbps which is same as Audio CD (if i am not mistaking). So, it provides quality streaming.

2) Then, i re-organized all songs in folders using ID3 tags first by artist, then by album.

3) Also, i remove all album artwork and delte any jpeg/jpg files as my player in care doesnt display album images. So, there is no need to occupy unnecessary space.

4) Finally its time to copy or sync songs over to USB drive depending wheather its copying first time or not.

Now, to solve my purpuse i use following system and tools:

To change streaming rate, i used : MP3 quality modifier

To change tag, and remove artwork, i used: MP3tag

Once i have re-formatted everything, i sync source and target folder using this command line: rsync -rtvuc --delete source_dir/ target_dir/