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Pasta with Cheddar Sauce

  • Start cooking pasta in pot and add some salt and oil with it.
  • In another pot, start cooking for Chedder sauce (Main Ingredients: butter, all purpose flour, milk, and chedder cheese or maxican cheeze)
    • Heat up pot, and Add butter or Ghee
    • Add spices as per your taste to enhance flavour. For kids i put nutmag, turmeric powder, garlic powder, cinnamon powder, black pepper or white pepper, and salt as per taste
    • Add all purpose flour (1:3 ratio to butter)
    • Add milk (1:2 ratio to flour)
    • Once you see that the sauce start thickening little bit, add cheeze in it.
  • Add pasta to sauce. Also if you like hot taste, than add crust pepper, and chilli powder (red or white)
  • Enjoy!