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My Favourite Quotes


No One Can Outrun Their Destiny - Apocalypto

Dream is not what you see in sleep, but is the thing that doesn't let you sleep - APJ Abdul Kalam

Success, is an attitude

Well begun is half done

A will will find a Way

Today is a gift; that's why they call it the "present"

Failure is Success if we learn from it.

Arise, Awake, and stop not until goal is achieved. - Swami Vivekanand

Survival techniques - Observe, Learn and Adapt

Patience is a virtue

Can't beat them better join them

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Masala chai


Traditional chai contents:

Milk + Water + Chai Patti + Sugar

Additional Contents:

Black papper

sunth (Dried Ginger)



Javantri (Nirav Mace Whole / Mace)

Laving (Cloves)


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Send email using jquery ajax request and asp backend


Here is the code that read in post submission, validate required parameters, and sends an email using asp .net language.

1) Store following asp code into sendEmail.asp

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Dabda Receipe - Gujarati Food


1 bown gadhiya no bhuko

3 tbs marchu

.5 tbs kala mari

2 tbs Taal

.5 tbs chat masalo

.5 garam masalo

.5 tbs lemon juice

3 tbs Sugar

1 tbs vatelu lasan

2 tbs Tel (Geeta kapasiya tel)

salt as needed


Make stuffing with above mentioned ingrediants, put between two slice of potato, dip in bhajiya mix, and Fry. For detailed receipe follow this video... i like this gujarati dish too much...yummie.

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Some of my custom lightweight JS function


//File input validator

function fileSelected(select) {
    var file = select.value;
    var mime = file.substr(file.lastIndexOf('.')).toLowerCase();
    var size = select.files[0].size/1024/1024;
    if (!mime.match(/(gif|jpe?g|png)$/i) && size > 10){
        alert("Please select a valid image.");
        select.value = "";
    else {


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Maintaining MP3 collection in my way...


Recently i bought new Toyota RAV4 and it has USB port so i can connect my flash drive to listen my collection. When i copy my collection to play in car, i always want it to be in my way because of following reasons:

1) All my MP3 files i want in highest quality. So, i choose 320 kbps which is same as Audio CD (if i am not mistaking). So, it provides quality streaming.

2) Then, i re-organized all songs in folders using ID3 tags first by artist, then by album.

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My picture on VCU website


Recently VCU asked for volenteer for photo session because they need some student's photos for their website. So, here i found my pic on VCU website finally.


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Interview cheatsheet


I always wanted to create interview cheatsheet for various position interviews that i am applying to. So, here i have created cheatsheet with main topics, research topic on your own if you are not familiar with:

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Little bit about Git


Here i am including Git commands for various scenario. Also, once we start any project in git, main think we would be doing everyday is pushing changes. So, here in Attachment i have included windows batch file which has all the push command in right sequence and does the all pushing procedure for you.

To create repository

I usually create with online web interface. However, once i find out my easiest way to 

To Download existing repository

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Creating web application using .NET framework, MVC architecture, and Bootstrap theme


1) Create new C# project using MVC 4 template and choose "Basic" upon ask in next step.

2) Then go to package manager console, and type in "install-package bootstrap" which very light weight package compare to twitter bootstrap (this is my belief)

3) Then, go to app_start >> bundleconfig.cs, and make sure it has all required css and js files. If you do not find any old and/or new files, please refer to this link

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