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Senior Design Project


After long time of waiting, here it comes a time to do my "Senior Design Project" which is going to showcase in May 2014. I am "Gaurav Shah" doing my senior design project in group with "Scott Francy" at Virginia Commonwealth University. Our project advisor is Dr. Robert Klenke and seminar mentor is Prof. Frank Gulla. Over the course of next year, i will be updating this page as we make progress in our project. Please visit back to find out more. Thank you.

Senior Design Project Blog

Preparing for Senior Design Expo


Finally, we are just two days away from our senior design EXPO and i am really excited to present our project. We have completed so many stuffs in last couple of weeks including this and made a significant progress. We have completed poster, prototype board to show watering, demo code, and many other design improvements. Our idea for the EXPO is to demonstrate model which increment time in speedly manner and try different modes of operation in order give viewer batter understanding of how our overall design works.

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Senior Design Expo Poster Presentation


Now semester is coming to an end and it is time for "Senior Design EXPO 2014" where we demonstrate our progress. We are really excited and working hard to make this happen. On hardware side we have completed design in Xilinx EDK, generated CentOS custom image which will load upon boot, and tested LCD to display oncontroller status. Wheareas on software side we have completed our watering API class which consist of smart algorightm that we have shown in our poster.

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Mid Term Critical Design Report


Its mid-term time and we have completed our "Critical Design Report" for our senior design project. In which we have made very huge progress by working hard in last couple of weeks. We have completed designing hardware component, synthesize using Xilinx EDK, and program FPGA using Xilinx SDK. On software side, we have designed API layer which we can use to design driver. Close to spring break, we have started putting all progress details togather and prepared presentation.

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Finally its a time to start doing real work!!!


So far we have done 3 labs in EGRE 427 which made us familiar with the Vertex-4 FX12 FPGA board. Now, we have batter understanding of how to implement our project. We have also received our sensors (Temprature sensor and Moisture sensor). Now, starting from this week (02/24/2014) our weekly meeting will start with our advisor Dr. Klenke.

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Meeting minutes for design attack plan for the project


We have decided to meet right after finals (of Fall 2013) to discuss the attack plan and prepare design report for our "Senior design project". In our meeting we have briefly discussed many things such as:

1) Prepare draft for design report and add add more details during the break

2) Discuss the prototype design

3) Discuss the process of how to approach the project through out semester (Spring 2014)

4) Finalize various parameters, workflow discussed in project report.

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